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Juggling Kids, Deadlines and Days “Off”
A Planetary Fix?

A Planetary Fix?

Underground carbon storage is one of the most viable solutions for funneling heat-trapping gases out of the atmosphere. Volcanic rock lying beneath Iceland and elsewhere around the globe could provide a vast and permanent geological burial ground for CO2, stored as rock. The biggest hurdle is not a technological one.

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Taming the Bark Beetle’s Attack on American Forests

As bark beetles continue their assault on forests throughout the West, scientists are gathering clues to help them understand the evolutionary history of the relationship between conifer trees and the skillful insects that depend on them.

Eating Disorders: The Brain’s Foul Trickery
You Can Be Too Thin

You Can Be Too Thin

An eating disorder is not a dieting choice; it is a mental illness that can prove deadly.

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Southwest US: Ground Zero for Climate Change

Future predictions of increased fires, drought and floods in the Southwest border on biblical. In this Q&A, Gregg Garfin, climatologist and coordinating lead author for the Southwest-region chapter of the National Climate Assessment, reflects on the dire situation, his “apocaloptimist” nature and bright spots he sees on the horizon.

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